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Vanheim is a human nation ruled by Vanir, ancient enemies of the Jotun giants. Vanir can sail across the oceans and hide themselves with illusions. The ruling class of vanir is supported by other beings, including skinshifters, berserkers, and dwarven smiths.

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Vanheim is a land of misty moors and bitter forests. Humans compose most of the population, but the rulers of the land belong to a tall and innately magical race known as the Vanir. The Vanir once fought the giants of Jotunheim, but with the coming of man, they have turned their attention elsewhere. Now only a precious few of the Vanir remain and humans are no longer slaves.

Humans compose the basic infantry units of Vanheim. The Vanir have blessed some loyal humans with superior fighting skills and the ability to enter a state of wild rage or wolven shape. The Vanir are masters of illusion who fight while mounted on exceptionally fast horses. Female Vanir are called Valkyries and have the ability to fly. This ability was a gift from a dead god who used them as messengers of death. During those days, blood was sacrificed. The old ways have not been used in ages, but still the oldest of the Vanir remember how to sate nature with blood. The Vanir are very skilled sailors and can sail the oceans.

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