Overview Edit

Vanheim is a nation ruled by Vanir, ancient enemies of the Jotun giants. Vanir can sail across the oceans and hide themselves with illusions. They mostly use infantry and sacred berserkers. Their Dwarven smiths are powerful Earth mages.

Background Edit

Vanheim is a land of misty moors and bitter forests inhabited by a tall and innately magical race known as the Vanir. The Vanir are mortal enemies of the giants of Jotunheim and since the beginning of time they have waged a great war upon each other. They are masters of illusions and are able to trick mortals with their glamour. In halls under the mountains of Vanheim live Dwarves, smiths capable of crafting fabulous items. Vanheim is a land of magic and even the horses are enchanted and exceptionally fast. Vanir are skilled shipwrights and navigators and can sail the oceans. Lesser beings are not held in high regard and their blood is sacrificed to sate the Awakening God

Units Edit

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Strategy Overview Edit

  • Capital-only elite sacreds
  • Sailing
  • Stealth
  • Thugs
  • Excellent air magic access
  • Expensive, widespread blood magic
  • Capital only Earth/Death/Fire/Air crosspaths via smiths
  • Limited non-cap access
  • Expensive mages and troops

Strategy Guides Edit

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Garbage Pretender Guide