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Vanarus is a kingdom of the frozen lands. It is a nation of humans, Chudes and Vanir. Old traditions of the three peoples intermingle and new ones are formed. The Vanir were always few their numbers are ever dwindling. The Chudes are more numerous, but it is clear the the humans will dominate the land in a distant future.

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Rus is a land of harsh winters and short summers. When the Vanir arrived the land was inhabited by humans and Chudes, an exalted race of great strength and beauty. The Chudes and the humans had intermingled and neither race dominated the other. The Vanir came as explorers and traders, but conflict over a sacred site led to war. The Vanir were victorious and founded the city of Novgård at the ancient site. The Chudes and the humans of Rus joined causes and tried to drive the Vanir out, but the humans were weak and easily tricked by the illusions and magic of the Vanir. Soon the Chudes found themselves at war with Vanir as well as their former human allies. Then arrived the Black Knights of Ulm. The former conflict between Vanir and Chudes ended as the three peoples of Rus rallied under Novgård to defend their land. When the Ulmic threat was averted, a kingdom had formed under the rulership of the Vanir. Humans comprise most of the Vanarusian population. A large portion are Chudes and a precious few are Vanir. Most of the Vanarusian armies are human infantry. The elites of the kingdom are mighty Chudes and Vanir. The peoples of Vanarus prefer a cold climate.

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Earth is a good option on your pretender. Vyedun need Earth Boots to cast RoS (which is very effective in MA) and you can't get more than E1 natively. It's also very easy to use a lot of hammers throughout the game. Quills are nice to kick start your research, but you'll also want to forge thug gear. Vanabogs are natural thugs, and you can forge vine shields and frost brands with your national mages.

You've also got interesting astral summons with no native astral mages. An S/E pretender will also make your crystal gear and golems and so on, so it's a good combination to take. While a regen bless would be nice on golems late game, it doesn't seem super useful on your low HP mage summons or elves. Going Dormant lets you take level 4 in each of the path while still having full gold scales, which is nice since the mages are expensive.

An earth snake would also work pretty well, since it gives the expansion that everyone knows and loves and you can actually use the earth magic. Lacking astral is a little unfortunate, but not a huge deal since the astral summons are unimpressive aside from the utility of a flying H3.

If you really want a big bless, you can do W9 for your elves, since they naturally have high defense. An Ormr will also get you the earth that you need with okay scales on a dormant pretender. If you want an N9 bless, you can also do N9E4S4 on a Monolith, but you lose some scales even with an imprisoned pretender, which delays your valuable hammers.

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Small discussion of how to use Vanarus`s mages on the battlefield: