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Utgard is the home of the giants of the north. Jotuns are immune to the cold and dislike hot lands. With their numbers dwindling, the giants have allied with humans. They don't use heavy cavalry or bows. The human Norns are versatile and powerful sorceresses and seeresses.

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Utgård is a land of bitter winters and cool summers. It was once Jotunheim, the home of giants. But with the coming of man, their population has dwindled. After man ventured to the icy lands of Jotunheim, the giants of Jotun discovered the humans to be resourceful allies. With the Awakening God, all grudges have been cast aside and men and giants fight side by side. The alliance with the humans has estranged the Gygjas and their Vaetti servants, who no longer aid the giants. Instead, human seeresses have become influential. In the heart of Utgård lies the magical Well of Urd where the Norns gather and divine the future of the world. The giants of Utgård are immensely strong and resilient. They are born in the cold and do not suffer from cold climates. The people of Utgård prefer to live in cool provinces.

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