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Ur is a nation of wild men, Enkidus, led by the priest-kings of the First City.

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Ur is a warm plain inhabited by Enkidus, large, hairy wild men with horns and unkempt hair. Once upon a time all Enkidus lived in the wild, frolicking with feral beasts, but when the Enkidus met with the Avvim, some Enkidus adopted their ways of life. Now there are three Enkidu tribes. The members of the first tribe live pastoral lives and are led by shamans of remarkable power. The second one is a ferocious, swamp-dwelling hunter-gatherer society led by Head Hunters and Bone Readers. The third tribe are the ones who adopted the Avvite way of life, agriculture and metalworking. It is they who founded Eridu, the First City. In the city a great temple was built and the kings of Eridu were inaugurated as priest-kings and rulers of the young nation. In the cities of Ur, where metalworking is common, medium and heavy infantry is raised. On the plains and in the swamps of the nation nomadic Enkidus gather and form quickly levied raiding parties. In the Swamps of Ur, near Eridu, live ancient dragon-kin known as Sirrushes. They are benevolent and powerful beings sacred to the Enkidus.

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Ur has a bunch of different national units, with different requirements to actually train them.


Enkidu: These guys are trainable anywhere there isn't a fort at. Fairly expensive goldwise (16 Gold, the minimum for Enkidu troops), but low resource cost of 2. They rock a club and furs.

Enkidu Archer: Trainable anywhere there isn't a fort, and use a Longbow in battle. They wear a fur pelt like most wildmen. 7 Resources, so a touch more than generic human archers.

Enkidu Warrior: Trainable anywhere there isn't a fort. Two kinds, one has a club and the other has a stone spear. They use a shield and wear furs. Not too bad if you just want to replace bodies in your expansion force. 5 Resources, but well enough spent on the shield.

Enkidu Soldier: Trained in Forts, they use bronze hatchets and typical Ur shields. They wear Furs. 16 Gold and 7 Resources for your lowliest fort troop.

Enkidu Horn Blower: Trained in Forts, these guys have big tubas that grant the Standard ability (+1 Morale for units in it's squad). 35 gold and 2 Resources gets you a dagger and fur-clad wildman.

Enkidu Spear Guard: Trained in forts, and use a Bronze Spear and Bronze Scale Cuirass. Rock a Shield too. 16 Gold and 13 resources, so not too Resource hungry.

Ur-Guard: Trained in forts, and use a Bronze Hatchet, Bronze Scale Cuirass, and a Shield. These guys have Castle Defense +1. 19 Gold, so your probably better using these guys for Defense if your on a budget.

Enkidu Hunter: You can train these guys in Swamp Provinces, Forted up or not. These guys use a Stone Spear and Javelins. Furs clothe them, but not much more. These guys only use 4 Resources, so you can still get a few in their Swampy Homes. They have Swamp Survival, Stealthy, and Berserk.

Enkidu Reaver: Found in the swamps like the hunter, but they have Bronze Hatchets and no missiles. Still 4 Resources. They have Swamp Survival, Stealthy, Berserk, and Pillager. Slightly better Magic Resistance and Morale (not super necessary since they go berserk) too. 3 more hit points over a lot of the Enkidu units can sometimes come in handy. They run 26 gold a pop though, so pretty gold hungry for what you get. Pillage away!

Enki's Chosen: A Cap only Sacred. Rocks a Bronze Haulberk (so a little more Protection) and a bunch of typical Enkidu equipment. They make good bodyguards for your expensive H3 priests with Bodyguard 2. These guys drink 29 Gold and 19 Resources though.

Sirrush: A Cap only Sacred. Takes two turns to train. They need a mage to lead them around too. This is a muthatruckin' dragon with 3 attacks, one of which is poison. They don't have wings, but they do have Swamp Survival. They have Poison Resistance 15 and Fear 5. They are quite healthy with 80 HP and 15 Protection. Two/Three of these things (plus some chaffe) obliterates most indies with ease. 200 Gold is a big pill to swallow though. At least they're only 1 Resource, so you can dedicate resources to chaffe. An N9 bless (regeneration) will also help to make these things invincible to non-mages. 3 Map Move can help them get into position... if you can get a commander with Map Move 3 and Magical Leadership.


Enkidu Scout: You can train these literally everywhere. It's a typical scout, but with garbage equipment. Don't let him get busted, he'll probably die. He doesn't even have a bow or javelin.

Enkidu Chief: Trainable in non-fort provinces. He rocks a Hatchet and Furs. He can lead 40 guys. He does have Beastmaster +1, so you can put undisciplined Animals under his command to get rid of the Skirmish Formation Penalty of -1 Morale. 45 Gold makes him about the same as a typical human Commander, so it's a wash.

Enkidu Shaman: These guys need a Lab and can't be trained in Forts. Powerful, if expensive, mages. 2E3N with 100% WEN and 10% WEDN. Like most Shamans, they have a penalty to researching. They have a bit of poison resistance and boost morale of animals (though his leadership is crap). He generate 30 Supplies (enough for 15 of the size 3 Enkidus). Very expensive at 275 gold, and has an upkeep of 200/year. If you like to gamble you can use Transformation from Alteration 6 on them. It should kill the upkeep and might power up his magic paths (along with help his researching). Or it could blow up in your face.

Enkidu Commander: These guys are trained in forts. A generic commander, and armed like the Ur-Guard without the defense buff (apparently the white thing on it's head is a bandana?). Leads 60 guy. 45 gold, 3 times the cost of the Enkidu Elder.

Enkidu Elder: These fogeys are trained in forts. He's old and gives -1 Morale to his guys. Sorta synergizes with the Horn Blowers. Don't have him fight anything. He leads 80 troops. They are good at recovering Enkidus who fled battles. 15 Gold and 2 Resources makes him one of the cheapest commander units in the entire game.

Gala: They need a Fort, Temple, and Lab to train. A Holy 1 and Nature 1 Mage Priestess unit who gets +2 levels when resurrecting your dead god. Slight Poison Resistance and helps feed a few troops. She is cheap enough at 75 gold that you can train her on a budget. You could prophetize her to have an effective Holy 5 Priest for purposes of resurrecting your dead god.

Sal-Me: Same as Gala for req buildings. Holy 1, N1W1 Mage Priestess. Slight Cold and Poison Resistance and feeds troops. 100 Gold each.

Gudu: Same as Sal-Me for req buildings. Holy 1, and will have either 2 levels or Earth or Air Magic. He costs 155 gold.

Ishib: Same as Gudu... Holy 2, and Water 2. Will come with 1 extra level in Air/Nature/Earth. He costs 195 gold. He's your best recruited researcher in Non-Cap forts, but you may be better off with Sal-Me's if you just want a lab rat of some sort, especially if your gold-poor.

Enkidu Hunter Chief: Found in any swamp province, he has a Stone Spear, Javelins, and Furs. A Stealthy Commander who can go Berserk and has Swamp Survival. He can lead 40 guys around. They cost 50 gold.

Enkidu Headhunter: Found in any swamp province, he's got a Skull Club which dishes out magical damage. He is pretty much the same as the Hunter Chief but with a bonus to Pillaging and a stronger Berserker bonus. They cost 60 gold and lead 40 men.

Enkidu Bone Reader: Build a lab in a swamp to train these low level death/earth mages. They come with E1D1 and will get another level in Water/Earth/Death. They're research score gets cut by Inept Researcher, but they have a dinky chance to stop bad events with Fortune Teller. Stealthy, and have Swamp Survival. 120 gold to pick these up.

Entu: A Cap only, slow to recruit Mage Priestess. She is Holy 3 and has N2E1. She'll get a level in AWNE upon receipt. She can feed a few troops. Despite have the 'mage' leadership score, she gives +2 Morale to her units. She can cart the Sirrushes around really well this way (leaving your Ensi for actual man-power). Beware, she has crap stats so you need to be aware of assassins. She'll run you 265 gold.

Ensi: The main man himself. Cap Only and Slow to Train. He has armor and a crown, so it's better than nothing. Holy 3 Priest, with W2N1. He'll get another level in AWNE like his wife does. He can feed troops, and leads troops better than anything else Ur can recruit the normal way to the tune of 80 men with +2 morale. If one of these pops with W3 that'll let him get a good grip in the water by summoning Krakens. He's a solid 290 gold/9 resources.

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