MA Ulm Recruitment

Overview Edit

Ulm is a human kingdom famous for its steel. They use heavy infantry and heavy knights. Even their crossbowmen use heavy armor. Their smiths, Earth mages of limited skill, are able to forge magic items at a reduced cost. The priests of Ulm are weak.

Background Edit

Ulm is a young kingdom, risen from the Ulmic tribes conquered by the fallen Empire of Ermor. From the ashes of Ermor emerged a new kingdom true to its ancient legacy, the Enigma of Steel. Where Marignon relied on religion to build a kingdom, Ulm relied on steel. The mines of Ulm are famous for their riches and the smiths of Ulm work the iron into the blacksteel armor used by the knights and infantry of Ulm. The people of Ulm are heavily built by human standards. Their infantry use full chain or plate armor made of blacksteel. The feared Black Knights of Ulm are the most heavily armored troops known to man. The leaders of Ulm have never approved of magic and only the Master Smiths are allowed to use it. The smiths are used to working in conditions that are magically unfavorable and are therefore not adversely affected by provinces that have a strong Drain dominion. The smiths craft armor and weaponry for lords and kings, but the strength of steel is preferred over magic. Even religion is of secondary importance in Ulm, though an Iron Cult that worships steel in a more devout fashion has emerged in recent times.

Commanders Edit

Unit Sprite Unit Name Type Cost Res Path H Magic Special
PriestSmith Priest Smith Commander (Cap Only) 175 7 Yes Fire1 Earth2 Path H1 +10 Resources, Forge Bonus 1
BlackPriest Black Priest Commander (Cap Only) 100 2 Yes Earth1 Path H2 N/A
LordGuardian Lord Guardian Commander (Cap Only) 80 40 No N/A Bane of Heresy
MasterSmith Master Smith Commander 135 7 No Fire1 Earth2 +.2AirAstralEarthFire +10 Resources, Forge Bonus 2
BlackAcolyte Black Acolyte Commander 45 1 Yes Path H1 N/A
Spy Spy Commander 60 5 No N/A Instigate Uprising
BlackLord Black Lord Commander 110 63 No N/A N/A
CommanderUlm1CommanderUlm2CommanderUlm3CommanderUlm4 Commander of Ulm Commander  70 26/36 No N/A N/A
SiegeEngineer Siege Engineer Commander 60 52 No N/A Siege Attack +50


Unit Sprite Unit Name Cost Res Sacred? Special
Guardian Guardian (Cap Only) 20 40 No Bane of Heresy
Pikeneer Pikeneer 10 23 No N/A
InfantryUlm3 Infantry of Ulm (Maul) 10 22 No N/A
InfantryUlm1InfantryUlm2 Infantry of Ulm (Battleaxe, Flail) 10 24 No N/A
InfantryUlm4InfantryUlm5 Infantry of Ulm (Shield and Hammer, Morningstar) 10 26 No N/A
Black Plate Infantry (Maul) 10 32 No N/A
BlackPlate1BlackPlate2 Black Plate Infantry (Axe, Flail) 10 34 No
BlackPlate4BlackPlate5 Black Plate Infantry (Shield and Hammer, Morningstar) 10 36 No N/A
BlackPlatePike Black Plate Pikeneer 10 33 No N/A
Sapper Sapper 20 33 No
BlackKnight Black Knight 50 63 No N/A
WarDog War Dog 7 7 No N/A

Strategy Overview Edit


Ulm's basic pretender design usually includes  Order 3 and Growth 3 scales, and at lease Production 2. Drain 3 is a common choice as well. Cold/Heat 1 or 2, and Either Luck 0 or Misfortune 1 are up to personal decision, being aware that taking Misfortune 1 will make you vulnerable to Gem-loss events. Given Ulm's relatively weak magic paths, a Rainbow Mage is not a bad choice.

General Strategy

Your first dozen or so turns, you'll want to be building Morningstar Infantry and Pikeneers (NEITHER being the Black Plate variants) at a 2:1 ratio or so. Your capital should be set to recruit Priest Mages permanently. They're exactly like your Master Smiths, only a tad more expensive, with one less forge bonus, and with no chance for a random magic path. The reason you want them is that Ulm has two special spells along the Evocation line: Iron Darts and Iron Blizzard. More on those later.

Your early battle tactics should be relatively simple. Combine your Infantry and Pikeneers into a single squad and have them attacking at the front line. Don't bother hiring Crossbowmen. Their Arbalests fire EXTREMELY slowly, and just aren't worth it.


Generally, you'll want to get Conjuration 3 for Summon Earthpower, Construction 3 for Legions of Steel, and then Evocation 3 for Iron Darts. Finally, Alteration 2 well net you Earth Meld. What do all these do?

Iron Darts fire 3, well, darts, at your enemy. They're armor peircing and do decent damage with good enough precision, useful for taking out blocks of Indy troops.

Legions of Steel is an AoE buff that increases the armor value of your troops by 3. Extremely useful since all of your troops are heavily armored.

Earth Meld is an AoE immobilize, noting that an immobilized unit has its defence skill dropped to 0. Useful for knocking out troops with high Defence.

Strategy Guides Edit

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