Turn resolution sequence Edit

Order Name Notes
1Send messagesMessages sent by using the Send Messages button are dispatched. This means that gold, gems, and items are always sent, because everything that could stop this from happening occurs later in the turn.
2ResearchMages perform their research. Even if a mage is assassinated or otherwise killed, he will contribute his research points to his nation that turn.
3EmpowermentIncreased magic paths due to Empowerment are conferred here.
4RecruitmentNew units and commanders are recruited. This means that recruits will always be available during the turn, as nothing that happens beforehand can stop them.
5Forge itemsNew items are forged and placed in their nation’s magic item inventory.
6PreachPriests preach the word of their god, and dominion is adjusted accordingly.
7Heretic preachingHeretics, insane commanders and commanders with shattered soul preach.
8Claim thronesThrones of Ascension are claimed now.
9Magic ritualsAll mages cast their rituals in a random order.
10Magic battlesAll battles caused by magic are resolved. For example, commanders taken away by Wind Ride or teleporting to an enemy province fight now.
11Lost in other planeIf a unit becomes lost in another plane, it happens now. This includes resolving battles fought in other planes.
12Site searchesMagic site searches are resolved.
13ProphetsProphets are declared.
14Call GodPriests call their gods who have been banished.
15AwakeningPretenders awaken (dormant or imprisoned)
16Blood huntingThe hunt for blood slaves takes place.
17HorrorsUnits are visited by Horrors now, if such a misfortune should befall them.
18AssassinationsAssassination attempts are resolved. The battles are fought immediately.
19RaidUnits with the Raid order perform that here.
20Relinquish province Commanders with the Relinquish Province order will relinquish the province to any non-stealthed alliedcommander already present in the same province
21Friendly movement All movement ending in a friendly province takes place now. If you are trying to get to a friendly province before an enemy does, you will do it if you are not stopped by an event that takes place in steps 1 through 11.
22Other movementAll other movement, including Break Siege, takes place.
23Resolve battlesAll battle resolution from movement happens here.
24Castle stormingCastles are stormed and battles resolved.
25Global enchantmentsGlobal enchantments take effect on the world. Note that the casting takes place during the Rituals step (9), though.
26Random eventsLike it says. This is where those Fortune/Misfortune events happen.
27Resolve any battlesBattles caused by these events happen now.
28Magic items/monsterSpecial effects from magic items (or monsters) take place. The items themselves are forged during the Forge step (5), though. If any of these effects result in any battles, they are resolved now
29Sneak discoveryStealthy units have been discovered! If so, they fight now for their lives.
30Change besiegerIf two allies are besieging the same castle, the one who is besieging is decided now. Larger armies take precedence.
31Building constructionFortresses, temples, and labs are built (or demolished).
32Special ordersSpecial order like Reanimate or Summon Allies are performed. Thus, allies summoned during a turn will not be available for that turn’s battles.
33PillageThe Pillage order increases unrest and kills population.
34IncomeAll nations collect income for their provinces. Note that this comes after Pillage, meaning that if you pillage a province you conquered, you will gain reduced income from it, or perhaps no income at all.
35Unrest alterationsChanges in unrest from dominion, scales, and patrolling are reflected.
36StarvationUnits without supplies suffer starvation effects. This means that the first turn an army goes without supplies,it will fight its battles without starvation effects, since all battles occur in previous steps.
37Upkeep / DesertionUnit upkeep is paid for. Note that this is after income is collected for the turn. Desertion happens now as well.
38Dominion spreadAll dominion spread (for whatever reason) is conducted now.
39Dominion effectsSpecial effects of dominion (population death, insanity, spreading heat or cold etc.) are applied.
40Site effectsMagic sites spread disease, unrest, and the like, if they have such an effect.
41OverpopulationA rare occurrence: if there are over 150,000 units in the world, some of the most numerous ones will be killed to keep the game running smoothly.
42AgingUnits age.
43Resolve battlesAny leftover battles caused by previous events are resolved
44Heal / DiseaseAll units regain lost hit points, unless they are diseased, in which case they suffer more damage instead and may incur more afflictions.
45InsanityUnits may go insane, from certain dominion or other effects.
46MercenariesMercenaries are bought or maintained.
47New random heroesHeroes may appear at a nation's capital gates.
48Kill lone unitsLone units (non-commanders) in enemy provinces are killed. If there are units without commanders inside enemy territory they will be killed here to prevent them from making any pointless attacks.
49Reclaim provincesIf a fort does not own the province it is in and it is not under siege, it will take ownership of the province. This can happen in team games where the province and the fort might have different owners from the same team. This step is resolved in favor of the owner of the fort.
50ScoutingNew scouting reports are generated for each player.
51EliminationPlayers without any provinces or dominion are eliminated from the game.
52VictoryIf a victory condition is fulfilled, the game declares a winner and ends.
53Update statsHall of Fame and scoregraphs are updated.
54Heroic abilitiesUnits gain and improve heroic abilities.
55Reduce PDProvince defense is reduced if the population cannot support the current level. At least 10 population is required for each point of province defense.
56AftermathThe game validates orders and items, changes shapes if necessary, places killed immortals back on the map, etc.