A "thug" is terrm that refers to any Commander chassis that can effectively fulfill a military role with minimal aid. Bane Lords with with a brand, vine shield, and flying boots are the standard summoned Thugs, though there are a variety of thug chassis available to various nations.

Thugs are normally used for one or more of purposes, which can be usefully grouped into strategic and tactical roles.

Strategic Map Roles Edit

  • Raider: Raiding poorly defended provinces to weaken enemy economies. This role requires little more than the ability to reliably defeat chaff in the form of PD with no attrition. Against enemies with especially minimal defense, the ability to reliably kill 5-20 chaff may be sufficient.
  • Interception: Catching enemy raiding parties and thugs. This role requires magical movement (via teleport or cloud trapeze) or good guessing, and should be tailored against the party to be intercepted.
  • Screening: Flying (or otherwise maneuverable) thugs can take provinces in advance of large armies. This helps prevent enemy defensive movement and prevent rain of stone traps. It can also create corridors, allowing map move 2 through friendly territory, which makes for more rapid advances.
  • Army Support: These thugs travel with armies to add some extra punch or fill an important role. They can also spin off and take surrounding territory, instead of taking each piece with the army. Note that this role overlaps with the first role, and can also be partially fulfilled with smaller troops of regular units, especially those with flying or stealth.

Tactical Battle Roles Edit

  • Antichaff - this is designed handle large numbers of relatively weak enemies. This is important for thugs who routinely fight PD or unaugmented enemy troops. Usually involves an AoE ability and defensive abilities.
  • Antithug - this is designed to take out a tough enemy target- an enemy thug or SC. These thugs often have especially potent single-target attacks, flying, and sometimes decent defensive abilities.
  • Counter - designed to economically hard-counter a battlefield tactic the enemy has heavily invested in, such as tramplers (countered with awe/animal awe or size 6), spring hawks (lightning resist + magic weapon), or sentinels (Smashers!). Note the overlap with the other two battlefield roles.

When a unit is made with minimal cost considerations, and combines these roles to take on entire armies, they are known as supercombatants.

For in depth instructions, see Building thugs and SCs.