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Therodos is an amphibious nation that is notable in being both the only popkill nation in the EA (1% per candle per turn) and one that depends heavily upon gold. Therodos's dominion kill population but also creates spectral undead in their forts and occasionally undead commanders. Their living units and commanders consist of powerful Daktyloi mages and smiths, the less powerful coastal human smiths, and the heavily armored berserking Kouretes and Korybants. Therodos's most powerful mage is the summonable or pretender Telkhines, which are giant mages with access to every elemental path along with death.

Background Edit

The Telkhine empire of Therodos was vast and powerful, the Telkhines themselves were almost god-like beings which had the appearance of giants with dog heads and penguin flippers whom had the less powerful but still significant Daktyloi as servants, whom in turn were served by the humans of the region.

To give the brief of it, the previous Pantokrator thought the Telkhines were getting too big for their boots with their investigation into death magic, maybe they started unlocking the ever-popular Tartarians, who knows? So he first cursed all those Telkhines involved with an aura causing a wasting plague (The Telkhine malediction), then decided it was not enough and banished all but the non-involved Telkhines (three) plus sunk the islands of the empire.

Fortunately the Daktyloi were tough cookies, and didn't need air, and the ghostly human dead refused to be dead due to ignorance, so they set about rebuilding the empire form one tiny little sunken island.

Units Edit

Unit sprite Unit name Type/method of acquisition Cost Res
Path H
Daktyl STR Cap Mage 240 2 Yes A1W1E2 110%FDAWE
Ephor Freespawn/Ritual Priest 8D N/A Yes H1
Hekateride STR Cap Mage 365 1 Yes W2N3H2 110%AWNE
Kabeiros Coast Fort Mage 125 7 Yes E1 100%EAWF
Korybant Coast Fort Sacred Unit 21 22 Yes
Kourete Cap Sacred Unit 29 23 Yes
Melia Not-inland Fort Mage 165 21 Yes W1 100%NAE
Spectral Archer Freespawn Unit N/A N/A No
Spectral Commander Freespawn Commander N/A N/A No
Spectral Hoplite Freespawn Unit N/A N/A No
Spectral Kourete Freespawn Sacred Unit N/A N/A Yes
Spectral Peltast Freespawn Unit N/A N/A No
Spectral Philosopher Freespawn/Ritual Researcher 8D N/A No
Telkhine Ritual Mage 69W N/A No F2A4W4E3D2 100%FAWED
Therodian Archer Coast Fort Unit 10 7 No
Therodian Commander Coast Fort Commander 10 31 No
Therodian Hoplite Coast Fort Unit 10 31 No
Therodian Peltast Coast Fort Unit 10 5 No
Therodian Scout Coast Fort Commander 25 3 No

Strategy Overview Edit

  • 1% per turn per candle popkill.
  • Lots of paths, few/expensive mages.
  • Cheapish sacreds, massive money problems and other recruitable troops suck.
  • Freespawn with dominion in forts, but have mr resist weapons and human moral.
  • Really a land nation but starts underwater and can't recruit anything in-land.

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