Thaumaturgy is the school of magic where many "miscellaneous" or high-concept spells may be found. These spells are nonetheless useful, and in some cases, very nearly necessary for survival.

Notable spells are as follows:

  • Communion Slave and Master, which are a pair of spells that, if used properly, can turn the tide of a battle, a war, a game and more information can be found here;
  • Mind Burn, a spell necessary to use Mind Hunt;
  • Augury, Auspex, Harusepx and Gnome Lore, which search a province for fire, air, nature or earth sites respectively;
  • Gift of Reason, which promotes a normal unit to a commander, which is necessary for a Tartarian strategy;
  • Soul Slay, which is a spell that has the potential to cause 999 damage, and can be used with Mind Hunt;
  • Burden of Time, a global enchantment that causes the entire world to suffer from old age;
  • Foul Air, a global enchantment that causes a disease in any unit that is wounded while it is in effect, and;
  • Gale Gate, a global enchantment that produces a large amount of air gems.