Some units can seduce and make enemy commanders of the opposite gender switch sides. Nagini and Succubi have versions of this power. The Nagini must be adjacent to a friendly province into which the target is taken. A Succubus flies with a seduced target to her master’s capital. With the succubus, the target makes a magic resistance check against 16. If it fails, the dream manifestation is successful and the succubus tries to seduce the commander. If the commander fails a morale check vs. the seduction ability, the commander and Succubus fly to the capital. If the seduction fails, the commander is attacked by the Succubus in an assassination attempt.

The procedure is the same for the Nagini, although that unit has a lower seduction ability (10). If successful, the lovers will sneak to a neighboring province instead of the capital.

Lure of the Sirens works in a similar way. First there is a magic resistance check, followed by a morale check against the lure ability (10). The lure can only be used in coastal provinces. Failure doesn’t cause an assassination battle, which makes the Siren’s attempt rather safe. If successful, the target drowns himself, or enters the sea and attacks the Siren in an assassination attempt if he is able to breathe underwater (and returns to land if he survives).