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Sceleria is an Ermorian splinter faction that mixes living legionaries with hordes of undead, supported by potent death mages.

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Strategy Overview Edit

Sceleria can run a wide variety of bless strategiess including death. Their sacreds are both capital-only, but are quite different and one should consider which sacred they wish to use if pursuing a bless strategy.

Scelerian Vestals are similar to battle vestals, except they are undead and ethereal, which is a notable improvement. They have no armor and only nine HP, but sport a high defense value and cost very little in the way of resources.

Scelerian Censors wear armor and wield magic axes. They cost quite a bit more in resources and are not undead.

Death synergizes well with their vestals, as they are undead and therefore will survive any battle in which they are put into their undying or negative hit points. Nature bless also functions on undead units (NEEDS TEST), however, and may be the better choice - Sceleria doesn't need a lot of help with its death magic. However, their hit points are so low that it may be effective to take a major astral bless and bank on your vestals never getting hit more than once - this also carries the added benefit of a higher magic resist, which benefits the undead substantially. Earth will not help your vestals, but it will help Censors and is a godsend for Thaumaturgs, who can be expected to summon skeletons in battle until they drop - earth keeps that from happening quite as fast. Water and fire are entertaining, but probably not optimal. Blood isn't particularly useful either.

Aside from your choice of bless, it's important to keep in mind that Sceleria is a nation of humans, and is therefore vulnerable to being rushed by giants and the like. An awake combat pretender is probably advisable.

All Scelerian priests can raise the dead, including independent priests, but you will need undead command to move your undead troops around. Revive King is an easliy accessable solution to this problem.

Sceleria is quite efficient at playing the thug game by summoning banes. The very late game should be obvious - you are a death nation. Make tartarians.

Strategy Guides Edit

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