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R'lyeh is an underwater nation. A God Dreaming of the Void is awakening and inflicting insanity on this world. The army of R'lyeh consists of madmen, Void Beasts, Atlantian slave troopers, strange hybrids, and illithids who use mind blasts. The Starspawns of R'lyeh are powerful Astral mages.

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In ages past, a distant star inhabited by a great race of strange, alien beings was struck with an unimaginable catastrophe. The star fell from the heavens, breaking into tiny shards. One such shard fell through the Spheres and down upon the world. The shard came to rest on the ocean floor and there a remnant of this great race adapted and survived. They multiplied and enslaved a race of fishlike humanoids by sheer strength of mind and conquered the underwater realms of the world.

In the halls of R'lyeh the Starspawns, the Great Ones who survived the Fall opened a gate into the Void and unleashed its horrors upon the world. But the Void was not to be controlled even by the Starspawns. The very fabric of the Veil was weakened and madness struck the inhabitants of mighty R'lyeh. Only the most powerful of the Starspawns were able to keep their minds intact. The Empire crumbled as insanity took the leaders and the former slaves and servants of the Empire were able to lift the yoke of R'lyeh.

But now a God is awakening, and it is a God Dreaming of the Void. Mind-defying Dreams of the Sleeping God are plaguing the inhabitants of coastal and underwater cities and with the Dreams come the horrors. Strange, cannibalistic cults worshipping the Void call them from Beyond. The Dreamlands of R'lyeh threaten to destroy the world. 

All coastal forts of R'lyeh have a special well where women can submerge themselves in the hope of being impregnated by a Great One. However, most will be taken by Deep Ones instead and the women's offspring will be strange, fishlike humanoids instead of the noble Starchildren they wanted. These half-human hybrids are usually devoted to the cause of putting mankind below the sea and often join the army of R'lyeh free of charge. 

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