Overview Edit

R'lyeh is an underwater nation. An ancient race of mentally superior beings has enslaved other races to work for it. R'lyeh has Atlantian and Oceanian troops as well as their own Aboleths. The Aboleths are powerful Astral and Water mages.

Background Edit

In the deepest of oceans lives the strange fishlike race called the Aboleths. These beings are highly intelligent and the older Aboleths called Mind Lords can enslave lesser beings with the force of will alone. Having this power means they have enslaved Mermen and Deep Ones to do the daily work and to fill up the ranks of their armies. In a deep gorge the enslaved workers have built a score of small but magnificent cities for their rulers. In this gorge live the greatest of the Aboleths.

Units Edit

Sprite Name Type Cost Res Path H Magic
Mind Lord Commander (Cap Only) 420 1 No Path W3Path S3Path R1.1(Path WPath EPath SPath D)
Abodai Commander (Cap Only) 265 1 Yes 1W 2S 1D 1(WESD)
Aboleth Commander 215 1 No 2W 2S 1(WESD)
Slave Mage Commander 175 1 No 2W 1S 1(WESN)
Grandmother Commander 300 1 Yes 1S 3H
Polypal Mother Commander (Foreign) 100 1 Yes Path H2
Androdai Commander (Coast) 190 1 Yes 1S 1H 1(WESD)
Slave Priest Commander 45 1 Yes Path H1
Slave Prince Commander 80 20 No N/A
Scout Commander 25 1 No N/A
Lobo Guard Unit 5 1 No N/A
Shambler Thrall Unit 20 1 No N/A
Slave Guardian Unit 9 11 No N/A
Slave Guardian Unit 9 12 No N/A
Slave Guardian Unit 9 12 No N/A
Slave Guardian Unit 9 13 No N/A
Slave Trooper Unit 9 1 No N/A
Slave Trooper Unit 9 2 No N/A
Slave Trooper Unit 9 2 No N/A
Giboleth Unit 40 1 No N/A
Gibodai Unit (Cap Only) 50 1 Yes N/A
Androleth Unit (Coast) 50 16 No N/A

Patch Changes Edit

4.20 Edit

Shamber Thralls cheaper (25>20g).

Slave Mages are no longer reduced to 1W when on land.

Polypal Mothers got Mind Slime(5).

Anemone Mace added to EA/MA/LA R'lyeh.

General changes relevant to EA R'lyeh

UW resources increased 25%.

Dominion less likely to spread across sea-land borders.

New summon spells: Flame Jelly, Bishop Fish.

4.23 Edit

Polypal Mother changed to Commander (Foreign).

Grandmothers/Abodai/Gibodai/Androleth/Androdai added to troop roster.

National spell Mind Vessel added.

Polypal Spawn tentacle attack changed to 1AN(capped) damage.

General changes relevant to EA R'lyeh

Slaves now have halved upkeep.

Relevant Mods Edit

Worthy Heroes, Summod and MagicEnhanced buff EA R'lyeh significantly (relative to many other nations).

Strategy Overview Edit

Strengths Edit

They have some pretty good magic. All their good units are mind-blasters. With Slave Mages from Atlantis, they have some diversity. Their best mages also have good enough stats and the right paths to thug.

Weaknesses Edit

Their mind blasters are expensive and aquatic. Good mages can only get on land with the Amulet of the Fish, which they don't have the paths for.

Pretender Design Edit

EA R'yleh gets a cheap god discount (20 design points) on the Void Lurker, Polypal Queen and the Floating Mind. All three have the Innate Spell Caster(1) ability and Mind Slimer(15/25).

National Spells Edit

EA R'yleh only gets one national spell, Mind Vessel.

  • Mind Vessel: Thaumaturgy 3 S3, costs 15 pearls.

Heroes Edit

Auluudh - Mind Lord

Worthy Heroes (5.5)

Auluudh - Mind Lord

Halbur - Enslaved Mage

Turkuul - He Who Breathes

Tuzhas - Doomed Aboleth

Strategy Guides Edit


Evilhomer's MP guide to MA/LA R'lyeh

For Dominions 3 and MA/LA but still has some useful content.

A short EA R'lyeh discussion on Dominions 4 Mods