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Pythium is a splinter empire that broke free from Ermor when it fell. Pythium uses legionnaires, but also has Serpent Cataphracts and hydras. The Theurgs of Pythium are powerful priests and Astral mages. Pythium uses Theurgical communion to empower their mages in battle.

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The Emerald Empire of Pythium is a splinter empire of the great Empire of Ermor. As dark arts were practiced in the heart of the Empire, the stars warned the Theurgs of Pythia to flee the impending doom. They led Pythia away from the falling Empire and formed an imperial theocracy under their wise rule. But this was not enough to save them. As Ermor crumbled, the provinces of Pythium rebelled and broke away from their old masters. The Emperor of Pythium could not reclaim the rebelling lands and the power of the Emerald Empire diminished over the centuries.

The war machine of Pythium is based on the old legionnaire army of Ermor with some minor modifications. During Ermorian times, part of the Pythian lands were under the sway of the Sauromatian tribes. The Androphags used hydras of the Pythian Marshes in warfare. For a long time hydras were only used in the Pythian arenas, but now the old practice has been adopted along with the usage of serpent mounts.

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