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Pythium is a splinter empire that broke free from Ermor when it fell. Pythium uses legionnaires, but also has Serpent Cataphracts and hydras. The Theurgs of Pythium are powerful priests and Astral mages. Pythium uses Theurgical communion to empower their mages in battle.

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The Emerald Empire of Pythium was a splinter empire of the great Empire of Ermor. As dark arts were practiced in the heart of the Empire, the stars warned the Theurgs of Pythia to flee the impending doom. They led Pythia away from the falling Empire and formed an imperial theocracy under their wise rule. As Ermor slowly crumbled, the Emerald Empire struggled to keep the old Ermorian provinces under their rule. From these provinces came strange cults and foreign beliefs. Just as Ermor was seduced by the C'tissian cults of Death, the Pythians were fascinated by the exotic practices of the lizardmen. With shadows lingering near, the C'tissian cults were particularly seductive. No other people had such knowledge of Death and the dead. The popularity of the Theurgs diminished and the Serpent Cult gradually replaced the old state cult. But the Serpent Cult was not the only foreign cult that got a foothold in the Empire. Heretical mystery cults flourish and threaten to cast the Empire into disorder.\n\nPythium uses a reformed legionnaire army with frontier soldiers and mobile field troops. The Serpent Cataphracts have received special status and they have become the most respected force in the Empire.

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