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Pelagia is an underwater realm of tritons and mermen. Tritons are unable to leave the sea, but mermen can shed their tails and walk on dry land. In recent times Pelagia has started to use bronze armor. Both races have mages, but only the merman mages can leave the sea and their magical power becomes severely reduced when they do.

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Pelagia was the first kingdom to form in the deeps. It is a nation of tritons, humanoid beings with fin-like legs. Ruled by powerful triton priest-kings, it dominated much of the seas. After the devastating event that shattered the ocean depths, Pelagia quickly recovered. R'lyeh was destroyed and reformed under a strange race and Atlantis lost much of its former power when their basalt cities toppled and their kings were buried under broken pillars. Pelagia on the other hand was never dependent on the deeper seas and the Fallen Star did not touch their home. The triton kingdom survived and evolved. The Triton Kings of earlier times lost much of their priestly authority. Respected, but not worshipped like divine beings, they turned themselves from their lesser kin. Now they rule in name only, looking inwards and trying to master the secrets of the seas. The tribal division of the kingdom has lessened over time and the Shark Tribe and the Turtle Clan are now part of the greater Pelagian culture. The mermen and their coastal traders have found other partners since the destruction of Berytos, but they are still an important part of the Pelagian economy, and they have brought bronze to the deeps. Now Pelagian soldiers have abandoned the crude armor of earlier times and fight in armor of gleaming bronze.

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