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Patala is a realm of intelligent apes ruled by Nagas, divine serpent beings of the Underworld Realm of Patala.

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In the dense forests of the Bandar realm, apes of uncanny brightness have emerged. Under the influence of semi-divine beings, the apes evolved intelligence and culture. When the former rulers of Bandar Log returned to their Celestial Realms, the apes were left without leadership and innovation in the nation ground to a halt. A warlike hierarchical society was formed with the large Bandar apes at the top. Later, Nagas arrived from the Nether Realm of Patala, from where all rivers spring. The Nagas are divine beings of the Underworld and its rivers and are to the apes what the Yakshas had been in ages past. With mesmerizing stares and dancing serpentine bodies, they entranced the Bandar Log and claimed their empire as their own. Patala is a divided society. Small Markatas are at the bottom of the society. Vanara apes of human size are the most common. Large Bandar apes rule most of the society and form the military. Above all are the sacred Nagas and their


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