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Pangaea is a woodland realm of wild halfmen. Pangaea has stealthy satyrs, flying harpies, strong centaurs, and raging minotaur warriors. The Panii are powerful mages of Nature and Earth and are able to lure women into the wild.

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Pangaea is a woodland nation inhabited by wild beings connected with nature. Halfmen such as satyrs, centaurs and minotaurs serve the lords of the Sacred Groves deep in the forests. Expansion by the civilized nations has forced the beasts of Pangaea to arm themselves with man-made weapons. Minotaurs wield huge battleaxes and centaurs are trained to use spears and longbows. The magic of the Panii lures women into the forests where they turn wild and shed all their clothing. These women are called Maenads and are turned loose to fight humans with their bare hands and teeth.

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Glorious Pangaean battlecry