Example's Nation Guide Edit

Short paragraph describing what the nation does and what you think it's strengths and weaknesses are. Perhaps they're a great bless-based nation, or they have the best mages in the era. Explain it here.

Commander Overview Edit

Example Mage(4000g, 12r) - Strengths of the commander, what they can and can't do, their magic paths, and how they match up compared to other commanders in the same nation. What they're useful for (eg; site-searching, research-slaves, blood-hunters, etc), and any special tactics you can use them for.

Unit Overview Edit

Example Unit(10g, 10r) - Strengths and weaknesses of the unit, any special equipment or abilities they have, where they're best used in a formation (eg; blockers, chaff, line-breakers, etc) and how they match up compared to other units in the same nation.

Pretender Design Edit

A short overview of what works best on this nation, be it a strong bless, magical diversity, lots of scales or maybe the nation needs an awake expander to really get rolling. Outline any useful blesses or scales, along with any magic paths that gives the nation access to stronger spells.

Example Pretender Chassis(100pts) - What role this chassis fills within the nation (eg; access to a big ritual, site-searching, gives a bless, early expansion, etc), what dominion, magic paths and scales it should have, and whether or not it's awake/dormant/imprisoned. Outline any important stats or abilities the chassis has, and what those abilities are useful for. Explain how this pretender should be used and what situations it should not be put in.

Magic Edit

A description of any research goals for the nation (eg; Conjuration 3 > Evocation 3 > Thaumaturgy 3 > Conjuration 8), what spells can be cast or are worth casting. Any useful spells that can be cast with the use of boosters, communions or summons. A description of any national magic, and any situations it's used in.

Strategy Edit

An in-depth description of any tactics, schemes or tricks to be used during the game, along with an explanation of expansion tactics, battle magic, useful unit formations and general recruitment advice. List any counter to your strategy, and any way to get around those counters.