Overview Edit

Mod Nations are playable Nations, added through the same process as a normal Mod. Due to the difficulty in maintaining balance between standard and modded nations, they are rarely used in Multiplayer.

Nations Edit

[Project Omniomicon Ledan, Eternal Ice] Edit

Leda is a strange land of hard, frozen tundra surrounded by frigid seas and glacial ice. It is the home of the Ledani, a peculiar avian people at home both in the water, where they hunt and tend to their bountiful fisheries, and on the surface, where they have raised intricate and majestic structures of magical Ice. Though the Ledani are odd of shape and awkward, they are surprisingly sturdy, agile and adaptable. They are strongest in cold and aquatic environments, and become weak and vulnerable in warmer lands. Ledan society centers around a mysterious and magically-radiant monolith they call the Eternal Ice, which freezes the lands and enables the crafting of wondrous objects, both practical and artistic, from enchanted, never-melting Ice. Once a reclusive and isolated people, the Ledani have found in it the power to spread beyond their ancestral land and forge an empire. Now, the ascendant god of Leda seeks to cover the world in its icy embrace.

[Project Omniomicon Plavendel, Blue Curse] Edit

A strange disease began to spread in the province of Endel after a mysterious object fell from the sky. The health of the people quickly deteriorated with no apparent reason and their skin took a strange bluish color. Animals were also affected and only plants were left unscathed. All of the infected eventually died until on a blessed day the first Blue One came back to life. That day marked the birth of a new race, the resurrected Blue Ones of Endel, the Plavendels.

Quickly it became clear that these resurrected people were no longer the same as when alive: although their memories of their former life seemed preserved, Plavendels rarely communicated with others. In the beginning they managed to survive in the hostile environment by hiding near the Astral Source, but now that they are more and more numerous and they built their own city around the Celestial Artifact. They formed a powerful cult based on the mystery of the Blue Resurrection which uses faith to its advantage by making the wealthy and powerful pay for the promise of resurrection.

[Project Omniomicon Smerv, Rotten Blood] Edit

The Smervs are terrible creatures and a growing threat. How could these once secretive and cowardly scavengers become aggressive and bloodthirsty? Some speak of rage and magic, others demons and bloody rituals. The Smervs are gathering and now rampage, kill, plunder and desecrate graveyards, spreading chaos and death. Nothing seems able to stop their madness...

Cataclysm Edit

Simultaneously one of the most and least balanced mods, it replaces all original nations with 12 generic ones, and adds a large number of easily found magic sites that allow access to standard nation's units. This can cause problems when one player finds some of Hinnom's Ba'al, while the other only finds generic Jomon troops.

Al Nadim, One Thousand and One Nights Edit

A nation based around classic Arabian myths.

Artea, Wisdom of the Land Edit

A nation based around Thugs. Mostly Bear commanders and human troops.

Dalkrin, The Plague Empire Edit

A once proud empire destroyed by a plague and now consisting of blighted and disease-spreading sentient undead.