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Mictlan is an old kingdom ruled by priest-kings. Mictlan has powerful priests, but its infantry uses archaic weapons.

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Mictlan is an ancient tribal empire that has been isolated for centuries. The foul practices of the priest-kings of Mictlan have caused most neighbors to leave or face slavery or death by sacrifice. Since the dawn of the kingdom, blood has been spilled in the temples of the capital. Now a new era has dawned and the isolation is broken with the coming of the Lawgiver. The Blood Cult has been abolished and the priests now follow the Lawgiver. Isolation has made Mictlan a backward nation and its warriors use archaic weaponry and armor. The armies are mainly composed of slaves from newly conquered lands. The mage-priests of Mictlan celebrate the two Faces and the two Dominions of the Lawgiver, namely the Sun and the Moon, the Rain and the Forest.

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