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Mictlan is an old kingdom taken over by Atlantian Kings. Their God hungers and must be sated with blood sacrifice. Mictlan has powerful Water and Blood mages and priests, but its infantry uses archaic weapons.

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When Atlantis was destroyed by R'lyeh and the Atlantians scattered, some fled into the deep swamps an jungles of Mictlan. Here they found a people who worshipped the Rain as one aspect of their God. The Atlantian Kings became Kings of Rain and reshaped the faith to their needs. They found the secrets of the long abandoned Blood Cult and reinstated the foul practices of ancient times. Then the New God rose, hungry for blood. Now Mictlan is once again expanding its territories to feed the hunger of its Lord. Isolation has made Mictlan a backward nation and its warriors use archaic weaponry and armor. The armies are mainly composed of slaves from newly conquered lands. The mage-priests of Mictlan celebrate the two Faces and the two Dominions of the Hungry God, namely the Sun and the Moon, the Rain and the Forest.

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