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Marignon is a human kingdom based on religious zeal. Holy knights and Inquisitors ride out to purge the world of enemy faiths. Marignon has powerful Fire and Astral mages and powerful priests.

Background Edit

Marignon is a late medieval nation of inquisitors and religious fanatics. Prudent – or perhaps paranoid – priests search for vice and heresy throughout the land, putting men and women to the pyre with fiery justice. Imagine the soldiers wearing fancy and colorful Renaissance clothing, while religious and arcane officials wear red or black robes and severe miens. In the late era the Spanish influence is heavier than the Albigensian. Later Gothic concepts of occultism and devil worship are incorporated along with seafaring and missions abroad.

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Strategy Overview Edit

  • Human nation
  • Many sacreds: Most mages are sacred, sacred summons, Sacred Cavalry at all forts, Flagellants at all templed provinces
  • Very strong priests and preaching
  • Crossbows! Cheapest and most massable crossbows in MA.
  • Fire as a primary path, then astral, then air, then earth.

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