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Marignon is a human nation with access to sailing commanders and sailing mages with air, water, and astral, and non-sailing mages with blood and fire.

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Marignon is a feudal theocracy that rose out of the ashes of Ermor. Through religious austerity and fanaticism the young kingdom prevailed when death walked the land. When kingdom after kingdom crumbled under the might of the Ashen Empire, the leaders of Marignon turned to desperate measures. The Grand Masters of the House of Fiery Justice struck a bargain with infernal forces. Devils started to fill the ranks of the human armies and with time Marignon became dependent on devils to survive. Devils and the Holy Knights of the Chalice were all that kept death at bay. In a cataclysmic battle the knights fought a great army of walking dead. Both armies were annihilated, but new Ermorian legions would soon re-emerge from the ashen realm. The Grand Masters called their Infernal Lords and a host of demons was released upon Eldregate. The Holy Chalice was captured and brought to the House of Fiery Justice. Ermor was destroyed, but the Infernal Lords demanded continued sacrifice and devil-worship became part of the faith. Imps are bound as jesters and servants and most noble families have their own imp familiar.

Order has returned to the kingdom and Marignon is slowly turning its interests outwards. Recent developments in shipbuilding and navigation have allowed the priests and nobles of Marignon to expand the influence of God to distant shores. To bring the True Faith to the heathens has become more important than hunting heretics at home. Witch Hunters have been replaced by Navigators and Chartmakers who serve under the command of admirals to spread the might of the kingdom to distant shores.

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Strategy Overview Edit

Marignon's units are all very resource intensive. Productivity 2 scales is all but required, and productivity 3 is recommended. The only units that are viable with no or limited support are the palace guard, royal guard, and the hand of justice. With a good bless flagellants can be viable, and hand of justice are quite good.

Marignon's midgame should feature leveraging thugged harbingers and/or fallen angels (summoned by Contact Harbinger, conjuration 6 and Reascendence, blood 7, respectively). These thugs want a lot of nature items like rings of regeneration, vine shields or eye shields, and barkskin amulets, so it's advisable to take a pretender with at least 2 nature. Indie shamans can be used to actually forge the items, but they'll need nature 2 for several of them, which can be achieved by having the god forge a thistle mace to boost the indie shamans' nature from 1 to 2.

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