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Man is a feudal kingdom of humans. They use knights and skilled longbowmen. They have powerful mages of Nature and Air, but their priests are weak. They have powerful special troops of Avalon.

Background Edit

The realm of Man is a feudal kingdom. Their kingdom was established by conquering a race of tall and magically powerful beings known as the Tuatha. When the Tuatha were destroyed, their greatest treasure was found: The magical Forest of Avalon. Hidden deep within was great magic. The Witches of Man entered the forest, learned the old lore, and helped Man to grow in power and influence. The infantry of Man is limited and lacks heavy troops. Their regular armies most often consist of powerful knights and skilled longbowmen. The Witches train their own special troops, the Wardens and Knights of Avalon. These troops are very skilled and are also gather and record knowledge in the monasteries scattered throughout the land. Descendants of the Logrian people displaced by the Witches and their servants dwell in outside the fortified castles of the nobility.

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