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Man is a feudal kingdom of humans who have almost lost the magic of an earlier age. They use knights, skilled longbowmen and crossbowmen. They have mage scholars who are able to study in magically drained lands. The surviving Wardens of Avalon are sacred stealthy troops.

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The realm of Man is a feudal kingdom. Their kingdom was established by conquering a race of tall and magically powerful beings known as the Tuatha. When the Tuatha were destroyed, their magic was taken by the Witches of Man. They helped Man to grow in power and influence, but with the great magic came a great Curse and the Witches dwindled in number and magic left the kingdom. To contain the Curse, the Old Magic was banned and a scholarly order of Magisters replaced the Witches of Avalon and their wild ways. The infantry of Man has evolved since the Age of Avalon and the crossbow is common, but knights and longbowmen still make up a large part of the armies. The Wardens of Avalon have escaped the Curse and are the only remnant of the Old Ways.

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