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Lemuria is a withering realm of ghosts and shadows. Sceleria, the surviving part of old Ermor was destroyed due to its dependednce on the living dead. Now spectral legions of the former empire reenter a world through the soul gates created by the thaumaturgs.

Background Edit

With the second fall of Ermor, hope finally came to the Scelerian remnants of the ancient empire. The fear of the dead ceased and undead legions were no longer needed. Instead, the soulless were put to menial labor. But the thaumaturgs turn their attention elsewhere. The common people became ever more dissatisfied. Some soulless slaves still toiled the land, but with the thaumaturgs less interested in reanimating slaves for the populace, the common men felt abandoned. Demands were made that the thaumaturgs should provide slaves to keep the kingdom going. The conflict escalated, and finally, in an act of remarkable hubris, the thaumaturgs decided to settle the problem once and for all. In a great ceremony, every thaumaturg in the kingdom joined a communion and poured their souls into a ritual that would open a gate to the underworld, so that the dead might willingly return to the land of the living as workers and farmers. The ritual succeeded, in a way. The gate opened, but the lower souls of the thaumaturgs were ripped apart and swallowed by the gate. And from the gate emerged not dead servants, but a spectral host of legionnaires and shadows. Now the land is slowly withering and falling under the dominion of a god of darkness. Ghosts and spectral legions reclaim a land once theirs, and the shattered souls of the former thaumaturgs are mustering the shadows and memories of a glorious past.

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Strategy Overview Edit

Lemuria is a freespawn nation, but its freespawn are kind of shit. You need a pretender with at least D3 to summon your mages, but they are expensive and you have no good researchers. The only thing you can really do well is rush Burden of Time, which will at least make it so that everyone else is having as little fun as you.

Strategy Guides Edit

Lemuria - The Nightmare Before Ascension[1]Edit

The best and only decent guide as of this writing, it has three main parts. The first focuses on maximizing your early ability and multiplying the force of your shitty freespawn, in early game. The second focuses on thwarting counters and scraping by as your enemies become able to trash you. The third focuses on maximizing your awesomeness through diversity, and counters to the counters your enemies will bring.

Lemuria - Soul Gate[2]Edit

The actual first and also decent guide to the late age nation of Lemuria, in two parts plus a conclusion paragraph. It discusses how you should never use dispossessed spirit freespawn for anything, because they are terrible, and how to minimize the key weakness of Lemuria: anemic research. Later on the author addresses criticisms and discusses mid to late game strategy.