Overview Edit

Kailasa is a realm of intelligent apes ruled by Yakshas and Yavanas, divine beings living on the Sacred Mountain of Kailasa.

Background Edit

On the sacred Mount Kailasa, beings from an earlier era still linger. They are blessed with mystical powers but are few in number. With the emergence of the New God they have mustered aid from a most unsuspected source. Deep in the forests below the Sacred Mountain, apes of uncanny brightness have evolved. The apes are uncivilized and have only recently mastered the mysteries of metalworking.

Units Edit

Unit Sprite Unit Name Type Cost Res Path H Magic
File:EA Kaliasa Markata Scout.png Markata Scout Commander 20 1 No N/A
File:EA Kaliasa AtaviChieftain.png Atavi Chieftain Commander 45 8 No N/A
File:EA Kaliasa BandarCommander.png Bandar Commander Commander 75 20 No N/A
File:EA Kaliasa Yogi.png Yogi Commander 60 1 Yes Path S1
File:EA Kaliasa Guru.png Guru Commander 165 1 Yes Path S2 Path N1
File:EA Kaliasa Guhyaka.png Guhyaka Commander 110 8 Yes Path H1
File:EA Kaliasa Yaksha.png Yaksha Commander (Cap Only) 350 7 Yes Path E3 Path N1 Path H1 Path R1
File:EA Kaliasa Yakshini.png Yakshini Commander (Cap Only) 350 1 Yes Path W3 Path N1 Path H1 Path R1
File:EA Kaliasa Markata.png Markata Unit (Fort, Forests) 5 1 No N/A
File:EA Kaliasa MarkataArcher.png Markata Archer Unit (Fort, Forests) 5 1 No N/A
File:EA Kaliasa AtaviArcher.png Atavi Archer Unit (Fort, Forests) 9 3 No N/A
File:EA Kaliasa AtaviInfantry.png Atavi Infantry Unit (Fort, Forests) 9 3 No N/A
File:EA Kaliasa LightBandarArcher.png Light Bandar Archer Unit 18 7 No N/A
File:EA Kaliasa BandarWarrior.png Bandar Warrior Unit 18 4 No N/A
File:EA Kaliasa BandarSwordsman.png Bandar Swordsman Unit 21 17 No N/A
File:EA Kaliasa Guhyaka.png Guhyaka Unit (Cap Only) 30 2 Yes N/A
File:EA Kaliasa Yavana.png Yavana Unit (Cap Only) 40 8 Yes N/A
File:EA Kaliasa YavanaArcher.png Yavana Archer Unit (Cap Only) 35 5 Yes N/A

Strategy Overview Edit

general discussion of pretender design, strengths and weaknesses, counters

Strategy Guides Edit

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