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Jotunheim is the home of the giants of the north. Jotuns are immune to the cold and dislike hot lands. Their Vaetti allies use wolf riders, but no heavy cavalry or bows are used. Their mages are versatile and powerful sorcerers.

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Jotunheim is a land of bitter winters and cool summers. It is the home of giants and goblins. The giants of Jotun are immensely strong and resilient. They are born in the cold and do not suffer from cold climates. Jotunheim is ruled by several Jarls who rarely join forces. In the heart of Jotunheim lies an ancient Forest of Iron and Ice. Here live the Gygjas, old wicked hags with great sorcerous skills. They are served by the Vaettir, who are small, wicked goblins of the Jotun woodlands. They rarely venture outside the woodlands, but do join the armies of Jotunheim when the Gygjas bid them to. The people of Jotunheim prefer to live in very cold provinces.

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Basic Guide by elfposer 22.10.2015 Patch 4.22

Generally speaking i think Jotunheim is more about their Commanders then their units. Many Commanders are sacred and with a bless can be cost effectively made to thugs. And you have the unsacred Skrattis which can shapechange into werewolfs for great thugging, if u have a good bless for them give them a shroud.

Jotunheim has no great combat magic, but can built up a powerful blood economy.

Pretenderwise they are very flexible you can go for an awake e4 earthserpent or a imprisioned B9N9 Irminsul. That Jotunheim is so flexible with its Pretenders, makes them a nice diciple nations.


Gygja: They are quite random in their Magic schools, i normally use the D2/D3 as skelli spammers. The N2/N3 maybe used for buffs like Wooden Warriors. I use the Gygjas with astral mainly for Communions and the S1 Vaetti Hags as slaves. Gygjas are capital only but not slow to recruit. And for me the only battlemages u got, as i have problems with getting Scrattis to work as spellcasters on the battlefield.

Vaetti Hag: For a lab in the woods and 40 Gold not the worst deal to get 5RP (8 with an imp familiar), in the first 6 turns i mainly buy them to save money for more Garmhirdings. And they are great to do forging other more expensive Mages would have to do otherwise. B1 are great for bloodhunting or to forge Ring of the Warrior, Imp Familiar and Sanguine Dowsing Rods. S1 are communion slaves and can forge shrouts and Enchanted Ring Mail Armor. Also S1 can cast body ethernal for a Thug. Or with Light of the Nothern Stars (Conj4) all your S1 Vaettis can spam Stellar Cascades (Evo5). D1 spamming dust tot dust often saved me in early wars against undead nations.

Skrattis: As Werewolf they are great thug chassis. They got good stats, 10% reg, are able to cast quicken self (Alt 2) liquid body(Alt4) but have only 9 armor.

Skrattis are not sacred but u can forge a shroud for them and bumps their armor to 18. They profit most from E9 as armor and fatigue are the two major problems of the skratti. N9 gives them 20% reg and + 8hp, which help where skrattis are already very good. W9 only give +4 Def which doesnt hurt but isn`t that great. For double bless N9B9 is a good compromise between the needs of you Skratti and Gamherdings.

When they shapechange into a wolf, they can sneak behind enemy lines. But u need a scout to carry the item for the skratti.

As Skrattis are the only major mage Jotunheim can recruit outside of the capital, u never have enough gems to forge thug items for all of them. The ones not thugging or researching are mainly used for pushing my blood economy or summoning. Ritual of the Five gates need some empowering/boosters but that spell helps alot, also vampires are a lategame option

Useful Units:

Garmhirding: They lack amor, a shield and have only one attack. But in the first year i often find myself buying them because they cost so few production, even when i don`t have a bless. With a double bless u will mainly recruit this unit and can pick sloth.

Jotun Javelinist: I quite like them, especially during expansion. And easier to mass then most other units. And with their huge strength those javelins, are more like ballista bolts.

Jotun Spearman/Huskarl/Hirdman: Are all ok to built, i normally buy 1 Giant for every 2 vaetti in the army. So i have 3 attacks per square.

Vaettis: They are not the worst stealth raiders, and do the patrolling for the blood economy.. Being only size 1, there can be 1 giant and 2 vaettis on one square. Thats 2 attacks more per square.


Early Research:

Construction 4 (Imp familiar ,thug items,skull Staff, Thistle Mace, Boots of Messanger)

Thaumaturgy 1 (Comm. Slave/Frighten/Curse/)

Alteration 4 (Numbness, Liquid Body, Quicken Self, Body Ethereal, Quikness)

Follow up Research:

Enchantment 5 (Horde of Skeletons)

Alteration 6 (Wooden Warriors, Frozen Heart, Mother Oak)

Blood 7 (Frost Fiends, Blood Feast, Ritual of the Five Gates, Illwinter, Curse of Blood)


Awake E4 Earth Serpent

Dominion:7 Order:3 Productivity:2 Cold:3 Growth:3 Misfortune:1 Magic:0

With this pretender u still have a minor bless for your skrattis wearing shroud, with boots of the messanger they fatigue neutral. Great Scales to pump out Huskarls and Vaettis. The First and second expansion squad have alot of Gamherdings to pump out more troops. Then i change over to vaetti and Huskarls. A early lab in a wood is nice for some extra early vaetti hags. Ultimate goal is a strong blood economy

Imprisoned N9B9 Irminsul

Dominion:6 Order:3 Sloth:3 Cold:3 Growth:1 Misfortune:1 Magic:0

Great for all u sacreds, u can expand with your Gamherdlings like a boss, but u need a early temple to bless your expansion parties. Every sacred commander with a frostbrand is a thug.Skrattis with this double bless through shrout, are scary. Their main weakness are magic attacks, and with blood venegence human mages might die when they dmg the 20% reg Skratti. I normally try to rush a neighbour thats in trouble or has nation that is weak early game. Blood economy is still a goal, but due to money issues and early wars it normally takes longer to establish it.


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