Main Screen Edit

Function Hotkey
bid for mercenaries b
view casualty reports from current province c
recruit defence d
end turn e
fort info f
hide/show right side menu h
show province info and chronicle i
read messages m
temple and dominion o
recruit units r
send messages s
army setup screen t
view battles in current province v
view units going to current province y
toggle flags and forts 1
toggle armies and arrows 2
toggle dominion candles 3
toggle income boxes 4
toggle miscelaneous (?) 5
show my troops in allied provinces 6
show allied troops in my provinces 7
toggle province neighbors 8
toggle province names 9

Unit Orders Edit

Function Hotkey
choose order from menu (space)
reanimate, call spirits A
blood hunt B
cast ritual spell C
defend D
break siege E
forge magic item F
call god G
heal H
assassinate I
seduce J
pillage L
monthly ritual spell M
monthly forge item O
preach P
capture slaves Q
research  R
search for magic sites S
storm castle T
summon allies U
wait W
patrol X
put all blood slaves in the lab Z

Combat Edit

Function Hotkey
scrolling around the map Arrows
Adjusting camera height PageUp
Adjusting camera height PageDown
Pause Space
toggles colored squares c
toggles grid g
toggles background graphics w
quits replay q
speeds up replay f
speeds up replay even more t
sets replay to normal speed s
slow motion z
views available hotkeys ?
adjusts level of detail in battle log 1 2 3
scrolls battle log [+] [-]