Holy magic Path H is not a true magic school per se, as it is unresearchable, and it is a very odd path, considered rather separate from "normal" magic but is the crux upon which bless strategies rely. Banishment causes damage to undead within an area of effect; Blessing and Divine Bless activate a unit's sacred status, causing it to become blessed, endowing it with Morale+1, as well as other effects that are determined by the depth of the pretender's magic paths; Sermon of Courage and Fanaticism raise the morale of friendly units; Smite and Smite Demon cause damage to heretics and the unholy, respectively; Holy Avenger causes the caster to be guarded by holy power, damaging any unit that harms them; Word of Power paralyses a single foe and Divine Channeling increases the Holy level of all friendly priests.