Overview Edit

Hinnom is a wasteland inhabited by several kinds of giants. The Rephaite lords rule the lesser giants by fear and force.

Background Edit

Hinnom is a dry wasteland inhabited by giants. At the dawn of time, on the sacred Mount Hermon, six Angels in full celestial splendor descended to aid and instruct the giants of the land. The Avvim were a people strong and beautiful of mind and body. They were adept students and their culture flourished under the tutelage of the Grigori, the angelic Watchers. But before long the Angels became enamored with the Avvim and taught them things that should not be taught. Tempted by the beauty of the Avvim, they took their daughters as wives and sinned before the Celestial Powers. Their offspring were the Nephilim, giants of godlike power, abominable to the world. The Angels were imprisoned in the Infernal Realms for their sins, but the Nephilim were partly of this world and could not be banished by the Celestial Powers. The Nephilim made themselves kings over the Avvim, and they fathered sons who became known as the Rephaim. The Nephilim and their sons had unnatural appetites and consumed food, livestock, beasts and finally their own offspring. With time, the Nephilim left Hinnom in search of a purpose and left their sons to rule the Avvim.

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Strategy Overview Edit

  • Giants: Hinnom can recruit a variety of giants: Sacred, pop-eating melqarts, slightly smaller but still elite dawnguard and chariots, as well as a smattering of other units, including Enkidu slaves and proto-cavemen. The quality of their non-sacred troops can support a scales-build.
  • Magic Diversity: F3E3S3N2D1B3
  • Expensive Forts: Your forts cost more
  • Popkill: Your largest giants eat your population on a monthly basis
  • Sacreds: Rephaites, Melqarts, and various summons
  • Bloodhunting: Your bloodhunters kill your population, but you have some excellent blood summons

Strategy Guides Edit

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