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Helheim is a nation of Vanir ruled by Hanged Kings guarding the entrance to Hel. Vanir can hide themselves with illusions. They utilize unique troops, including flying Valkyries. The Hagadrotts are powerful Death and Air mages and the Svartalf smiths are skilled in Earth and Death magic.

Background Edit

Helheim is a land of shadows, windswept moors and silent mountains. Here lies Gnipahålan, the Stone Cave, where the dead pass through on their way to Hel. The Hanged Kings, ancient Vanir who have hanged themselves to learn the secrets of Death, rule the land from their thrones in Helhalla. Helheim is inhabited by Vanir, a race of tall and innately magical beings who are able to trick mortals with their glamour. The Vanir of Helheim have sequestered themselves from the Vanir of Vanheim and have not been part of the great war with the giants. For ages they have been guiding the dead on their way to Hel in service of a dead god. Now a new God is arising and the old ways are changing. The Valkyries, guides of the dead, have become messengers of death and sacred warriors of the new God. Valkyries, the female Vanir of Helheim, are able to fly, a gift from the dead god they once served. Lesser beings are not held in high regard and their blood is sacrificed to sate the Awakening God. Unlike their cousins in Vanheim, the Vanir of Helheim are not shipwrights and sailors.

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