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Gath is a nation of human tribes subjugated by the giants of Gath, the last of the Rephaim.

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Gath is a dry land that has only recently recovered from the devastation caused by its earlier inhabitants. For ages the land has been dominated by giants, but under constant pressure from human immigrants and the Abysian Tide of Fire, the original inhabitants of the land were forced to retreat and watch as city after city was destroyed. Now there is but one city left: Gath, the City of Giants. The Gittite descendants of the Anakites of Ashdod still dominate the surrounding land and have subjugated several human tribes. While the human tribes comprise much of the population of the kingdom, the Gittites are the undisputed rulers of the land. By keeping iron-working from the human population and through a strictly centralized cult focused around bloody sacrifices at the Great Temple, the Gittites have kept control of the land. The Gittites are small compared to the ancient Rephaim, but still large by human standards.

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