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Eriu was founded when humans defeated the Tuatha in ages past. Now the Tuatha and their Sidhe descendants re-emerge from their hiding places to lead the humans. The Sidhe and Tuatha are able to weave illusions to hid their true appearance. They are skilled Air and Nature mages.

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When men came to the land of the Tuatha and the Fir Bolg, there was a drawn out battle which ended with the defeat and total withdrawal of the Tuatha. The Land of the Ever Young was forever lost to this world and Avalon was taken by the Witches of Man. The Sidhe, descendants of the Tuatha, retreated into strange twilight realms with entrances hidden in ancient mounds. The land of the Fir Bolg was split by the invading forces: Man and their of Milesian ancestry, but a few Fir Bolg still survive in remote villages. With the coming of the New God, the Daoine Sidhe have re-emerged from their magical mounds to lead the Milesians. Eriu is now a nation of humans and Fir Bolg led by the awakening Sidhe.

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