Enchantment is the school most concerned with far reaching buffs, global enchantments and raising the undead. Enchantment is the school where the majority of global enchantments can be found, and as such is a very important school to research.

Notable spells include:

  • Flaming Arrows, which enchants all of the archers on the caster's side with fire arrows, dealing both physical and magic damage;
  • Cloud Trapeze, which teleports a mage to a distant province;
  • Antimagic, which increases all friendlies' magic resistance;
  • Dispel, which can end global enchantments;
  • Eyes of God, a global enchantment that reveals the entire map, and select information about every province;
  • Arrow Fend, which protects all friendlies from projectile weapons;
  • the Domes, which protect the province the caster is in from spells;
  • Riches from Beneath, a global enchantment that increases the resources available throughout the caster's dominion;
  • Gift of Health, a global enchantment that cures afflictions within the caster's dominion;
  • Earth Blood Deep Well, a global enchantment that provides a large amount of earth gem income;
  • Fire, Frost or Thunder Fend, which provides resistances to those elements for all friendlies;
  • Thetis' Blessing, a global enchantment that allows all soldiers in the world to enter the ocean;
  • Arcane Nexus, a global enchantment that produces astral pearls in proportion to the amount of gems spent on non-astral or blood spells the previous turn, and;
  • Gift of Nature's Bounty, a global enchantment that increases the income throughout the caster's dominion.