Dominions is a fantasy turn-based strategy game created by two dudes. There are currently five titles in the series.

The game combines a simple presentation with an extremely wide array of strategic options, including over 1500 units, 600 spells and 300 magic items. Turns are resolved simultaneously, with players planning battles rather than directly controlling them.

It has simplistic graphics but is easily moddable and extremely deep.


If you would like to help, there's two straightforward sets of pages to create:

  • The nation pages linked to from the Nations Overview - although they have pages, many are templates in need of more information. Remember that this information should be objective and suitable to varied playstyles. Guides should be linked from these pages, not copied to them.
  • The concepts linked to from the Game Mechanics page, and other mechanical information with priority on that which is difficult or impossible to find in the manual and inspector.
  • Evaluate the Wanted Pages, pages that are linked to but don't exist. See if there is an appropriate page for a redirect, and if not create a new page.

Initially we can use the manual as the source for information, but you're welcome to start an in-depth article, or reformat the information from the manual. Similarly, the nation pages will have a general strategy section, and set of links to in-depth guides. If you'd like to make an opinionated guide to a nation, like Bob has for EA Abysia then that's also welcome, here's a design for your very own guide.





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