Conjuration is the school of summoning, using magic gems and mages of sufficient skill to bind entities to the pretender's will. This school is where many powerful units can be found, provided the nation has the gems to call them. Conjuration can be used to break into paths, as many summons have multiple paths that are unrelated to the path required to cast them (example: Faerie Court summons the Fairy Queen commander, who is a powerful air mage, and requires a level 5 nature mage.) Many nations have summons that are unique to them, and are written in blue on the research screen. They are generally very useful, allowing a nation to break into paths it doesn't otherwise have access to, by being cheaper than generic summons or by being extremely powerful units.

Notable spells are as follows:

  • Tartarian Gate, which summons an undead god from the underworld;
  • Faerie Court, which summons a powerful air mage that can heal units of their afflictions;
  • Well of Misery, a global enchantment that increases death gem production and increases tax income the world over;
  • Kings and Queens of the Elements, who are unique and powerful mages;
  • Acashic Knowledge, which reveals all magic sites in a province;
  • Sea King's Court, which summons a Sea Troll King, who generates 1 water gem per month, and can lead air breathing troops underwater;
  • Voice of Tiamat, which searches underwater provinces for elemental sites;
  • Revive Bane Lord, which revives a Bane Lord, a well costed thug chassis available to many nations;
  • Light of the Northern Star, which boosts the Astral power of all mages on the battlefield by 1;
  • Voice of Apsu which searches provinces for water sites;
  • Dark Knowledge, which searches a province for death sites;
  • Power of the Spheres which raises the caster's magic paths by 1 for the duration of combat;
  • Summon Earth, Storm, Water, Strength of Gaia and Phoenix Power which boost the caster's level in Earth, Air, Water, Nature and Fire respectively, for the duration of combat. Minor additional benefits such as reivigoration from summon earthpower, regeneration and barkskin for strength of gaia and fire resistance for phoenix power.