Overview Edit

Caelum is a magocracy of slender, winged beings living on the coldest mountaintops. They are skilled archers and train war mammoths. The heavy infantry of Caelum uses arms and armor of magical ice. Caelian Seraphs are powerful mages of wind and frost. They are cold resistant and dislike warm lands.

Background Edit

Caelum is a magocracy of winged humanoids who inhabit the highest mountain peaks. In ancient times, there were three Caelian clans, but when the Harab Seraphs of the Raptor Clan began to study the dark ways, the the world. The Eagle Kings were replaced by the High Seraphs of the Citadel of Frozen Crystal. The Seraphs are masters of Air magic and craft the magical ice that Caelians use instead of regular metal. The ice tempers with lower temperatures and the heavy ice armor is more durable in cold climates than in warmer ones. All weapons crafted from the ice are magical and capable of harming magical beings. The High Caelians live in the coldest mountain peaks and are unaffected by low temperatures. They are thin and light. Spire Horn Caelians are less resistant to cold but have partial resistance to lightning. The Caelians are skilled archers and prefer hit-and-run tactics, even though they do have some heavy troops, such as huge Mammoths.

Commanders Edit

Unit Sprite Unit Name Type Cost Res Path H Magic Special
MACaelum HighSeraph High Seraph Commander 255 3 No

Air3 Path W2 Path R 1.1

(Path APath WPath SPath D )

MACaelum CaelianSeraph Caelian Seraph Commander 125 2 No Air2 Path W1 N/A
MACaelum SpireHornSeraph Spire Horn Seraph Commander 45 1 No Air1 N/A
MACaelum IceCrafter Ice Crafter Commander 45 3 No Path W1 Ice Forging 4, Forge Bonus 1
MACaelum Seraphine Seraphine Commander 70 2 Yes

Path H1 Path R.2(Path F)

MACaelum StormGeneral Storm General Commander 70 36 No N/A N/A
MACaelum AiryaNoble Airya Noble Commander 50 38 No N/A N/A
MACaelum CaelianScout Caelian Scout Commander 25 13 No N/A N/A

Units Edit

Unit Sprite Unit Name Cost Res Sacred? Special
MACaelum TempleGuard Temple Guard (Cap only) 21 42 Yes N/A
MACaelum BlizzardWarrior Blizzard Warrior (Cap only) 21 13 Yes N/A
MMCaelum Iceclad Iceclad 15 40 No N/A
MACaelum StormGuard Storm Guard 15 31 No N/A
MACaelum AiryaInfantry Airya Infantry 10 16 No N/A
MACaelum AiryaLightInfantry Airya Light Infantry 10 11 No N/A
MACaelum SpireHornWarrior Spire Horn Warrior 10 7 No N/A
MACaelum SpireHornArcher Spire Horn Archer 10 6 No N/A
MACaelum SpireHornMilitia Spire Horn Militia 8 5 No N/A
MACaelum Wingless Wingless (Cap Only) 10 11 No N/A
MACaelum Mammoth Mammoth 120 20 No N/A

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