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Caelum is a magocracy of winged mountain beings. The mages are skilled in Air, Earth and Death magic. They also have Earth smiths capable of producing magic items with very few magic resources. Caelum has very skilled archers and trains mammoths.

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Caelum is a magocracy of winged humanoids who inhabit the highest mountain peaks. In ancient times, there were three Caelian clans, but when the Harab Seraphs of the Raptor Clan began to study the dark ways, across the world. The Eagle Kings were replaced by the High Seraphs of the Citadel of Frozen Crystal. But now a new God is rising and the scattered tribes have gathered. The Raptors have returned to Caelum and overthrown the magocracy. Harab Seraphs, the mage-priests of this new and dark faith, have replaced the High Seraphs and black-winged Raptors have become the ruling elite. Now the Raptors have cast their eyes upon other nations. The Harab Seraphs are skilled in Air, Death and Earth magic. Some Seraphs are still alive and craft the magical ice that Caelians use instead of regular metal. The ice tempers with lower temperatures and the heavy ice armor is more durable in cold climates than in warmer ones. All weapons crafted from the ice are magical and capable of harming magical beings. The High Caelians live in the coldest mountain peaks and are unaffected by low temperatures. They are thin and light. Spire Horn Caelians are less resistant to cold but have partial resistance to lightning. The Raptor Clan Caelians live on the lower mountain slopes and are of heavier stock. They are not as resistant to the elements as the other Caelians. The Caelians are skilled archers and prefer hit-and-run tactics, even though they do have some heavy troops, such as huge Mammoths.

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