Overview Edit

C'tis is an ancient kingdom of lizardmen. They do not use cavalry or archers, but use poison slingers instead. C'tis has powerful priest-kings. The Dominions C'tis causes lands to turn into rotting marshlands that cause disease in everyone who is not cold-blooded or not accustomed to swamps and marshes. The lizards dislike cold provinces.

Background Edit

C'tis is a swampy river valley surrounded by sandy deserts. In the fertile valley a sacral kingdom of lizardlike humanoids has formed. The kingdom is ancient by human standards and its wisdom and magical knowledge are great. At the top of the society is the Lizard King. The King is the highest priest of C'tis. Under the king are the High Priests with their sacred serpents. The lizards are herbivores, but have enslaved a race of carnivorous lizardmen who serve as soldiers and workers. The C'tissians are somewhat slow in movement, but have thick hides that protect them from cuts and bruises. Both lizard races are cold-blooded and become exhausted very quickly when fighting in cold provinces. They have partial resistance to poison. The inhabitants of C'tis prefer to live in warm provinces. With the coming of the New God, the swamps of C'tis have begun to spread. Dense rains and oppressive heat turn the land into unhealthy marshlands, thick with the stench of rotting vegetation. Marshmasters have taken the place of the Sauromancers of old and the Swamp Guard has replaced the chariots as elite troops. In this land, the lizards prosper. Within provinces influenced by this Dominion, income is increased by 1 percent per level of Dominion, and the income of enemy provinces is reduced by 5 percent per level of Dominion. Unless cold-blooded or possessed of swamp survival skills, soldiers inside the Dominion will suffer from disease.

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