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Bogarus is a nation of humans who have replaced the Vanir as rulers of a cold and inhospitable land. From mighty cities, princes and religious leaders carve an empire out of the frozen lands. Mages of various traditions ply their trade sponsored by the princes. In villages across the land, fanatic cults of flagellants have formed.

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Bogarus is a land of harsh winters and short summers. When the Vanir claimed this cold and bitter land of the north, they named it Vanarus and carved a kingdom out of the frozen land. Now humans have replaced the last of the Vanjarls and the kingdom is guided by Eparchs and Exarchs of the religious order. Mighty cities under the rule of warring princes have united under a few Grand Princes and a reformed faith. Bogatyrs of heroic stature and prowess, defenders and champions of the faith, occasionally emerge to lead and protect the people from the wicked.

The Grand Princes use infantry as well as elite cavalry forces. Mages of various traditions ply their trade in the palaces of the Grand Princes. The people of Bogarus prefer a cold climate.

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general discussion of pretender design, strengths and weaknesses, counters

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links to pages where people can submit their own in-depth guides <- page 111 has a decently in depth guide to bogarus