Blood Magic is a unique school of magic, in that it uses blood slaves (obtained by bloodhunting in friendly provinces) rather than gems, and is a sort of all-in-one school, in that it contains blood equivalents of spells from every other school. It contains summons, combat spells, buffs, debuffs, globals and other spells besides. However, every spell in this school is based on the Blood path. Thus, blood may seem like the best school, but not every nation has easy access to blood mages, and of those that do, some have difficulty setting up a blood economy. In general it is best to either decide to ignore it completely, or focus on it primarily.

Notable blood spells are:

  • Sabbath Master and Slave, which is simply Communion Master and Slave, but cast by blood mages (and at the cost of blood slaves)
  • Bind Fiery Imps, which is a very low level, cheap spell that summons chaff with a heat aura, which can distract and debilitate your foe;
  • any of the Bind [Demon] spells, as demons are 0 upkeep troops, that cost little in terms of slaves to summon, can be summoned en masse and are generally quite powerful;
  • Bind Ice or Arch Devil, which binds an ice or arch devil to your service. They are powerful mages and warriors, have a varied path repertoire and some even have gem generating effects;
  • Father Illearth, which binds the King of Elemental Earth that was tainted by blood magic to the caster's service;
  • Astral Corruption, a truly horrific global enchantment that causes the caster or forger of any non-blood spell or item to run the risk of being attacked by a horror;
  • Send Horror, which sends a horror to a distant province, annihilating any army that is not safe within a fortress;
  • Bind Demon Lord, which summons one of the very rulers of hell itself to fight for your cause. They are all powerful, diverse mages, and while they do not function well as super combatants, the sheer advantage that their spellcasting brings can often herald victory for their controller, and finally;
  • Horror Seed, which infects a single unit in a distant land with a horror, that proceeds to Horror Mark