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Berytos is a nation of sailors and tradesmen who have founded dozens of colonies. Since the founding of a colony near Ashdod in Hinnom, they have become influenced by the blood cult of the Melqarts.

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The people of Berytos are the descendants of a civilization created by the Telchines, titanic storm demons defeated by a previous Pantokrator. The Telchines taught shipbuilding, sailing and metalcrafting to the human ancestors of Berytos. When the Telchines were defeated, the humans fled to the sea, led by the Storm Callers, disciples of the Telchines. With the knowledge of ironcrafting and the magical might of the Storm Callers, new colonies were founded on distant shores. Like a phoenix, the dying empire was reborn. But the Telchine gods were dead and the humans sought divine leadership. They found the Melqarts of Hinnom. One of the colonies was situated near Ashdod and the bloody cult of the Melqarts soon spread through the Phoenix Empire. In the capital colony of Berytos, a great temple to the Melqarts was built. But soon another power found its way into the cult. Refugee Colossi, great men of the Machakan royal family, arrived in Berytos and established themselves as rulers of the bloody cult. Their sorceresses claimed divinity and called themselves Brides-in-Waiting. Now Berytos is a seafaring people led by sorcerer queens from the great temple in Berytos.

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