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In the dense forests of the Bandar is a realm of intelligent apes. The exceptionally smart white apes are sacred and bless with the gift of magic. The apes have a multitude of missile weapons and have trained elephants and tigers to be used in warfare.

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In the dense forests of the Bandar realm, apes of uncanny brightness have emerged. Under the influence of semi-divine beings, the apes have evolved intelligence and culture. When the former rulers of Bandar Log returned to their Celestial Realms, the apes were left without leadership. A warlike, hierarchical society was formed with the large Bandar apes at the top. But the influence of the former masters was not forgotten and the blessed white apes who were gifted with higher intelligence and magical powers were able to keep their influence and power. Bandar Log is a divided society. Small Markatas are at the bottom of the society. Vanara apes of human size are the most common. Large Bandar apes rule most of the society and form the military. Sacred white apes are trained as sages, priests and holy warriors.

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