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Atlantis is an underwater nation of amphibious beings. They do not use missile troops. They have powerful Water mages and powerful priests.

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When the Star fell into the sea, the Basalt City and the Dark Crystal were destroyed, the reign of the Basalt Queens was ended and the surviving Atlantians reformed the kingdom. Atlantis is an underwater nation of strange beings resembling a cross between fish, frog and human. Atlantians never stop growing and will live for several hundred years unless killed. The Atlantian society is organized in a strict hierarchy of size and age. The oldest and most cunning Atlantians are trained as priests or mages. Because the Atlantians find it difficult to use magic, they often capture human children and train them in magic in the Coral Towers. The soldiers of Atlantis use spears tipped with living coral shards and wear armor made of coral chunks. The coral is poisonous and is cultivated solely for purposes of war.

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