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Atlantis is a nation of amphibious beings that have been forced out of the water. They do not use missile troops. They have powerful Water and Death mages who can sail across the seas.

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With the Second Fall of Atlantis and the demise of the Coral Queens at the hands of R'lyeh, the Atlantians were forced to retreat from the seas. A few surviving Kings of the Deep entered a pact with a sleeping God at a forsaken coast of ice and bones. The Atlantian Angakut, Shaman Kings, lead the Bone Cult and practice Death magic previously unheard of in Atlantian history. The Angakut have coerced captured Caelian ice crafters to yield the secrets of their skills and now most of the Atlantians use arms of enchanted ice. Even their great city is built on interlinked ice floes

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general discussion of pretender design, strengths and weaknesses, counters

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