Asphodel is a nation of the vengeful wild.  Panii and halfmen of Pangaea have revolted against their brethren and unleashed the powers of a dark and hungry god upon the living world.  Vines and roots turn into slithering and growing entities strangling the living in their sleep and reanimating their corpses as marionettes of vines and bones. These marionettes are known as manikin.


Asphodel was once part of Pangaea, a woodland nation inhabited by wild beings connected with nature. Halfmen such as satyrs, centaurs and minotaurs serve the lords of the Sacred Groves deep in the forests. In ancient times, the woods covered much of the world, but that has changed. Man is no longer beast and animals are no longer wild. The world of the wild is disappearing. In response to the destruction of the wild forests a dark and hungry God has arisen. The Panii of the sacred groves could not prevent the destruction of the wilderness and a few of them have revolted and struck back with dark fury upon the civilized world. The Panic Apostates and their followers have been touched by the Dark God and their hides are colored as black as the mood of the vengeful forest. But victory comes at a price. Halfmen as well as civilized men succumb to the Curse of the Carrion Woods. Asphodel is slowly turning into a cursed forest realm haunted by living carrion.


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