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An ancient human kingdom led by Astrologers, Arcoscephale mainly uses heavy infantry, chariots and war elephants. The Astrologers are powerful Astral mages. Mystics skilled in Astral and Elemental magic give Arcoscephale great magical versatility. The priestesses of Arcoscephale can heal wounded soldiers.

Background Edit

Arcoscephale is an old kingdom. Although its glory days are long past, the ancient Astrologers who aided past kings in building Arcoscephale into a mighty empire have recently emerged from their centuries-old seclusion, to restore the Old Kingdom to world domination once more. Priestesses with great knowledge of healing are trained in ancient temples built during the peak of the Old Kingdom. The priestesses are able to scry upon enemy troops and provinces that are located within the God's Dominion. The war machine of ancient Arcoscephale has not changed over the past centuries. Cumbersome plate hauberks and long spears are still used and the cavalry is primitive. Elephants and chariots, unpredictable but devastating, are still popular.

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